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The Blog of Filip Wieland

Post Zero

The Beginning

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I’ve been genuinely trying to come up with a reason why I might want to start publishing a blog. Indeed, it may seem unnecessary. So why do I bother?

There are some aspects to it. First, this setup allows me to basically have any content I like, including custom scripts, styles, and so on. It does not limit me to the extent a third-party platform would. I have previously used Blogger, and trying to do anything but the most basic text posts is nigh impossible.

Second, as an effort to organise my writing into one coherent set. I have some loose documents laying around that I’d like to tie together. Changelogs for my projects. Short stories I never finished. Media critiques. That sort of stuff.

And third, to create an archive of the weird and interesting stuff I come across as a developer. In a way, being a ‘full(ish)-stack’ web developer at the age of 18 is still kind of rare. This is very much an exciting adventure for me, and I hope to document it here.

I will be adding more to the blog as I go along.

Site tech

I’m currently using Jekyll to generate static HTML pages hosted on GitHub. I have a Grunt task which wrangles Sass, Jekyll, and some basic JavaScript tasks to aid development (but GitHub should pick up on everything anyway).

Header images are generated using the geopattern package based on the page title. I’ve written some JS to fade in the header as you scroll down on blog pages. You can see it all in the repo.