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You Spin Me Right Round

A Material-like Spinner in CSS3

A CSS3 Spinner

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I’ve made a thing. It may not be cross-browser or indeed usable this year, but it looks cool. It’s a CSS3 loading spinner that looks a bit like it might be Material Design, though I don’t think it quite fits the visual language, as it looks too much like the floating action button. Nevertheless, I think it looks cool.

The idea is simple: this is a circle that pops up at you when an asynchronous action starts, and has a bit along the border that spins until the action is done, whereupon the loader would hide again. I was aiming for short and snappy animations and interesting easing curves, as well as the Disney Animation principles - notice how the show/hide effect has a little bounce to it? I think it makes the whole animation look more organic.

See it in action below:

Code available as a gist:

If you want to use this in your project, go ahead! I will be releasing this as a more browser-compatible jQuery plugin some time soon, but for now you can take this and adapt it to your needs (it’s MIT licensed).