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The 2021 Redesign

Time to do something about my personal website again - which was largely left untouched since I took my A-levels. It's been a few years since then and so the site should reflect that. And maybe it'll kick me into actually updating it semi-regularly at least.

You'll note that there are 3 main sections to the website now, which I'm calling Themes. These are major parts of what sort of stuff I occupy myself with, and write about on the internet.

Each major theme has its own index page, under which there are posts (or pages, whatever). These are managed using a headless CMS.

Unlike the old site, which used Jekyll, this one is running on Nuxt.js. It's still completely statically generated, but at least now I can make it a proper single page app with service workers, use vue and typescript, and all that jazz. As always, the source code is on github if you need it for anything.

Looking forward to forgetting about it for the next 6 years and then coming back to laugh at how outdated Vue 2.0 is!